Chaos ~ And not organized Chaos either :(

So the last 4-5 weeks has been absolute chaos with my entire world being shaken and pushed right off its axis.  I am still not completely back to normal but feel I am more centered now than a couple weeks ago. 
That chaos is why my FireAndIce website was not up and running.  I just needed to stream line expenses, time and anything that didn’t need to be in my thoughts was pushed aside even just for a short time.
The site is back and with it some large changes.  Not to the site itself per say, but to me and my state of mind.
I love dogs and of course, especially dobermans and alaskan malamutes.  Yes, I would like to have a couple or a few litters of each breed eventually, but I am more interested in working these beautiful babies.  Any and all litters that I should breed are for me first and foremost.  All breedings are to be done with the breed standard in mind, health clearances of course, and ultimately to add to the quality of the breed itself.  I am hoping to make my debut as handler in the conformation ring in the next year or two and look forward to venturing forward with that dream.
Regardless of what lies in my future, I want to do good for these breeds. 
Honor, integrity, loyalty and love….this isn’t just what they give me, but what I hope I give them and do right by them every day.

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