Dog Shows and Breeders

One of the most important aspects of the dog world, in my opinion, is integrity.  Without integrity you have nothing.  Integrity shows through in your breeding, your sportsmanship in the breed ring as well as obedience, rally etc.  With integrity comes ethics, morals and above all else honesty.  Without any of these, you sincerely cannot call yourself a reputable breeder. 
There are those in and out of the ring always ready to have a snide remark at the ready, whether you won or lost (usually more so if you win).  They may do so in earshot of potential puppy buyers, or just other breeders/handlers.  For those that belief these naysayers, then they have a lot to learn about life in the dog world.  For those that roll their eyes and continue on about their day as if nothing was said, good for you.  I think most of us have been at the biting end of those remarks.  I wonder if the sayer of these hurtful things have realized they speak louder of the one saying them than of whom they are about?
There are many reasons dog shows have a certain reputation.  I believe the standoffish way most handlers can be right before they enter the ring.  Although the general public may not realize you are preparing the dog for the show, it is never all right to be rude to what may be a future client or just a fellow breed enthusiast.  A polite, “I’m sorry, we are just about to enter the ring, by all means come and see me after we have shown and I will be more than happy to speak with you.” would go alot further than just shutting them down. 
I have always loved the hustle and bustle and the energy the shows produce.  The vibes that seem to just burst out of the doors just makes you hum with energy and excitement.  Those beautiful dogs in the grooming area getting their touchups, the pups getting massive doses of socialization and not to mention feeding off of the energy too. 
I recommend to anyone that a dog show is the place to go if you  need an emotional boost and an energizer!  And this is just for the audience.  Can you imagine the rush for the participants?  Does that question show how much of a newbie I am?  LOL!!  That’s alright.  I think there is noting wrong with being new at something.  If we were all experts then where would the fun be in life?
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