My Fur-Babies

Originally posted on The Voice Box on August 9, 2011
I currently have three furbabies.  In case you are wondering I do also have children, well, one actually.  She is eighteen going on thirty.  🙂  So as I said, I have three furbabies, Zeus, Luna and Juno. 
Zeus is the leader of the pack.  He is almost twelve years old and he is my baby.  I have had him since he was eight weeks old.  This old guy is a mix of GSD/Rottweiler and I believe Malamute(neutered).  To say this boy is laid back is putting it mildly.  I trained him using hand signals as I swore he was deaf.  Even dragging an aluminum ladder across the floor did not stop him from napping.  As time and training continued it was apparent it was just that he was so relaxed and confident, nothing really fazed him.  When night falls you can literally see a change in him.  He carries himself more erect, tail held high over his back and his head elevated.  He is not a barker…he doesn’t need to be.  Most back off with him just sitting behind me at the door.  He uses his size to redirect any young dogs from taking things too far.  He very rarely uses his teeth in warning, he simply blocks with his shoulder or chest.  He is our gentle giant who can also be our alarm and protector in the blink of an eye.  He adores children and has been known to whine and cry at the front door in order for us to allow him to go and play with the neighbourhood kids.  🙂
Luna is my lunatic.  She  is my short coated border collie and just turned six years old(spayed).  Although we were told she was eight weeks old I now believe she was only about 5-6 weeks of age.  Because of this, she has some issues with insecurity which we have managed to rectify to some degree.  She still gets skittish but it takes much less time to get her attention in order to give her direction.  This dog loves direction.  She will bend over backwards to do exactly what you say.  It took me quite a while to teach her to focus enough to teach her any type of obedience.  But this beautiful black bitch is such a cuddle bug.  She will be completely happy lying on your lap with her head on your chest.  And she is a grunter.  Lol!  When she is happy she grunts like a pig.  She has done that since the day I brought her home.  She is great with other animals and loves the attention of strangers.  Anybody who can is welcome to pet her.  Luna may as well have a placard on her that says “Pet me Please!!”.
Juno is my youngest right now (soon to change I hope).  She is almost ten months old and she is my little Dobe bitch.  She is just full of curiosity, enthusiasm and is such a cuddle bug too.  She soaks up instruction and new skills like a sponge.  Training her is a pleasure, but it does have its moments and plenty of them.  🙂  She is fearless, even at the tender age of 5 months, she stared down a stranger who dared to come right at us.  She placed her cute little body, with those “I am deadly serious” eyes or typical Dobie stare, and stood her ground.  As he drew closer she puffed herself up and adjusted her weight to match.  Although he was visibly startled when he finally noticed her, she refused to allow him to pass as closely as he intended.  She made no move to touch him or act aggressively in any way, but she made sure she was between me and him.  She did exactly what I would expect her to do.  She has now added a booming bark to that typical stare.  She has natural ears and a docked tail and I am astounded at the amount of people that automatically assume permission to touch, but that is for another entry altogether.  She appears unassuming but is all Doberman.  She is a cuddler and when she feels she hasn’t had enough of your attention, like if you are typing, she will place her head under your elbow and POW!! Up it goes!!  Hand goes flying and she now has your undivided attention.  Lol!  She looks at you with those intense, deep, dark eyes that say innocently “what?  you were done weren’t you?”
Each of them have their own personality, their own strengths and their own weaknesses.  They all feed off of each other and have worked out a hierachy that works for them.  When it was just Zeus and Luna, Luna was the alarm and Zeus was the enforcer.  She would bark and he would run and see what was the matter as she ran back to the house or to come and get me.  With Juno’s arrival, this hierarchy has been upset just a little.  Zeus showed Juno clearly that he was the boss between those three.  So the toss up for next in line was between Luna and Juno.  The  struggle started before Juno went into heat, but since that has been over and done with, things have settle down.  Peace at last?  Doubt it.  With three dogs in the house there is always a disagreement about how one of them wanted THAT particular bone.  Yeah, the bone that one of the others has.  Juno will come and get me when that happens.  She gently taps me with her paw like she is saying “Hey Ma!”.  She then looks me in the eye and walks over to where one of the other two are enjoying that antler or bone.  She looks down at them and then straight at me.  Yep, I love them for all the crazy things they do.  They good, the bad and the ugly.  😉
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