My New Blog!!

So today I started a new blog!  Yep!  I am deleting the one I have associated with my FireAndIce website as I want this to be used for my fur-babies, training, recipes, general chit-chat and of course, Isagenix.  Lol!  I am hoping to start adding new blogs to this every day and will have various categories for those that are only interested in one thing or another.

Since I am all about dogs….I thought I would use the Logo that Melanie Bunnell created for me as the logo for my blog too!  Of the same name and it just sums up everything!! 

It will take me a while to tranfer the posts I made on my old blog to this new one, so bear with me.  And I am just learning my way around this set up so have a little patience.  🙂

Thanks guys!!


2 comments on “My New Blog!!

  1. su says:

    good luck Sandy!

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