We all have many responsibilities in life.  If a parent, then the responsibility of ensuring our children grow up grounded in the knowledge they are loved, respected and appreciated.  That they know how to use utensils properly with proper table etiquette and are polite and respectful, especially to our elders.  That they have morals and good family values and they grow up to be law abiding citizens and stand up for themselves and what they believe in.  That they have the ability to take all information available to them and make their own minds up as to what is right or wrong.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as the list is endless when it comes to our children.
We have work and home responsibilities.  We are responsible for ensuring we do our job properly and thoroughly, are punctual and respectful to others or we won’t have that job for very much longer.  At home, we have the responsibility of doing everyday mundane jobs like laundry and the dishes.  The consquences of not doing them is no clean clothes or clean dishes.  There is also the responsibility of paying the bills.  I happen to have taken a shine to having heat and electricity.  Not to mention car insurance, vehicle expenses…oh 
As a dog owner,I fully believe that every time I leave the house, my dogs and I are ambassadors for the breed.  As such, I have always ensured they have proper training and socialization so they would always be welcome in any venue as polite member of society.  I, as their owner, am responsible in ensuring they are able to mingle in any setting, whether it is with the older generation, toddlers and other dogs and animals.  It is my responsibility to spread good news about my breed(s) and dispel any myths about them and dogs in general, as it should be for every other dog owner out there.
Breed Specific Legislation.  The concept seems simple enough doesn’t it?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Now any dog  bite is wrong…there is no two ways about that.  Those who oppose BSL are not arguing that point.  What we are arguing is why punish all for the few.
The media has latched onto a couple of stories like the sensational, biased leaches they are and have made a mountain out of a mole hill.  Don’t the media have a responsibility to relate the whole story, not just one side? What happened to unbiased news?  “The facts, nothing but the facts”.
We have statistics shoved at us that there have been X amount of pit bull bites over X amount of years.  Fair enough…but how about the whole picture?  How many pit bulls actually live in that area?  Does that geographic area area only have those X amount of pits or are there hundreds of them?  It is all relative and pertinent information that is not being shared.  The statistics that are being given should include all of the stats and information and not just the parts that support their stance.
Now I have read many, many articles on BSL and am disheartened to read over and over again that these days are killed before any studies can be done on them.  When will we understand that a dead dog will tell no tales?  Is it a breed issue like some organizations would like us to believe?  Or is it a case of the wrong people owning the wrong dog?  If given the opportunity to study the dogs behaviour, we might get some answers.  It may be a medical issue for others.  That could explain much too.  But again, unless the dog is left alive, we will never find the answers.  To condemn and put to death before any answers are found is irresponsible of us as a society.  None of us want to hear of our dogs biting someone, so to learn from those that have, would make sense so we can help prevent more bites from happening in the future.
Trouble is, banning a particular breed doens’t work.  Sure, there may be a drop in that particular breed in regards to biting incidences, but there is always another breed to tickle the public’s fancy to take its place.  Can you see where I am heading with this?  Yep, you guessed it…the banning of dogs altogether.  Wait a minute!  Isn’t that what PETA, HSUS and the other AR’s(Animal Rights) have been screaming about all along?  Makes you wonder who started the BSL in the first place doesn’t it?
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