The recent chaos at Crufts proves that the dog world is in some deep crap!  But to have a contest on Facebook that will give a free puppy to the winner once their page has reached 300 likes just takes the cake!  It is times like this that it becomes very clear that any red flags from a website or from a breeder while on the phone should indicate to the buyer to drop them like a hot potato and get the hell out of there!  NO reputable breeder would EVER have a contest of this sort….EVER!!  Their puppy buyers are very well vetted and phone interview or not, there is not a chance they would even think about doing something like this.

A reputable breeder doesn’t usually have an issue homing a pup as they generally have a long waiting list of those that have had pups from them before, have been referred to them or have chosen them through research and good instincts.  Reputable breeders usually breed for themselves first, and since not every pup can be a potential champion, those looking for a pet are in luck.  🙂

But a contest?  NO freaking way!  And quite honestly, I recommend any buyers out there run for the hills when and if they see something like this from someone who calls themselves a reputable breeder.  A contest of this sort clearly shouts what kind of breeder they are.  Again, this is simply my opinion, and everyone must decide for themselves who is reputable, and who is not. 



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