Crufts Fiasco

The shocking display at Crufts this year has and is still creating quite a stir in the dog world.  Those who don’t truly understand the show dog world are nodding their heads in agreement of the KC and the mockery that was made of a truly historic dog show.  Those that are a part of the show dog world gasped in horror as to the reasoning of disqualifying these dogs.  One can only simize who started this particular piece of stupidity or why it was done the way it was.  The only thing Crufts succeeded in doing was humiliate some well known breeders and some have decided to step away from the ring all together. 
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for breeding healthy dogs.  The show ring is supposed to show the best example of the individual breeds.  So the pekinese had scar tissue from a previous injury….why was he consequently disqualified for it?  An injury is not possible to pass on to future offspring so in no way does that affect the future of this breed.  However, disqualifying him from the ring, taking away his newly earned title and creating such huge drama and negative feedback has done much more damage than an old eye injury could ever even imagine to. 

But here is the thing, if they truly wanted to make sure all of the entries to the show were healthy, then they should have had particular health testing as a requirement needed when they signed up.  And it should have been for ALL breeds, not just fifteen that they had chosen.  This was nothing but a farce and a complete slap in the face in the history of this historic event. 

Some breeds were not affected by this farce and for those winners, my hat is off to you and your great success!!  I also add a warning and that your beloved breed may be next on the chopping block.  Seems to me that veterinarians are getting to have a great deal of say, and possible changes, to breed standards these days.  Veterinarians do NOT know everything about dogs.  We (the public) tend to believe they do, but some don’t even understand simple canine behaviour which makes me shake my head.  They may understand the inner health and mechanics of their body, they simply do not always know about their minds.  Case in point will be the over vaccination of our pets which our vets have pushed for many, many years.  And it has not been until the vocal and consistent voice of a few that now more and more are doing their research and following their heads (and the laws) and applying  healthy doses of vaccines.

My point is we all want our dogs to be healthy, those we are breeding and showing as well as our beloved pets;  and to have them come from healthy lines, but to publicly humiliate those that entered this event and those that judged this event was uncalled for and extremely unprofessional.  I can only hope that more than just those that were affected boycott Crufts next year.  The KC astounded me with their willingness to bend over and be violated like they did, as well as their inability to see the big picture.  What part of them didn’t realize that they had just single handedly ruined Crufts reputation and made this fabulous and historic event into a joke? 






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