Check ALL Your Dog Treats…RIGHT NOW!!

Everyone needs to go straight to their cupboard where they keep their dog treats and dog food for that matter…look at the back, side….wherever it tells you where these treats are made. If you cannot find a country but it says IMPORTED by: then you can be rest assured they are made in China too. THROW THEM OUT!!
When will we learn that there is NO QUALITY CONTROL in China…why do you think they are so cheap to manufacture our goods?
If you want to complain…don’t complain about lack of quality control in China, but the lack of ethics in the companies that have moved their business out of North America and to a country where lying is an expected business practice.


This is NOT limited to just those you have heard about but ALL treats and food that state they are made in China or state “Imported by”.

The life of my canine kids is worth much more than the price of a bag of treats or a bag of cheap dog food!!



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