Natural Flea Remedies

Natural sprays to help combat fleas without the need for pesticides.

A natural mix , it consist of 5 drops of each therapeutic grade oils
lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, spearmint, sage, thyme and geranium oil
Mix the drops in 8oz distilled water and add vegetable glycerin to blend ,dissolve the oils , preferably keep that in a dark ,amber spray bottle .
Can be applied every third day but is ok to apply it as needed


In a 16 oz spray bottle add:
4 cap fulls of Tea Tree Oil
2 cap of Oil of Citrinella or 1 cap of Oil of cedar (which ever you can find)
1 cap of Lemon Grass, or Rosemary or Geranium.
Fill spayer with water and shake well before spraying – can be used daily

These oils are very fragrent and you will need to smell to see which combos suit you aromatically and creat your own combination.

This spray can also be used on yourself if going outside. :)


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