The Time is Now

The time has come that ALL dog owners need to remove their heads from their posterior and realize that they too may become victim to how thier beloved pet is perceived.  I don’t understand why we are not able to produce more positive results when dog owners make up so much of the population?  Why we ALL not standing up and fighting against the government?  They say they are making decisions to keep the general public safe.  BULLSHIT!!  WE ARE THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!  We are greater than the small percentage of NON-dog owners.  Why in the hell are we not standing up and screaming about the injustice of the BSL laws that are either in place or proposed?

We have ourselves to blame.  Each and every one of us.  Next time you go for a walk and talk to a stranger about your dog/their dog, ask if they sent in any email/letter/call/signed petition regarding any BSL movement or case?  I’ll bet most say no.

Lennox has been killed.  We can no longer do anything to save him.  But for goodness sakes let’s not let this happen again.  It breaks my heart that WE allowed this to happen.  Sure, we didn’t have the final vote, but not enough of us made enough noise to make a difference.  Every single dog owner/lover needs to step up in one giant movement and put an end to this crap for once and for all.


Concluded:  euthanised


Shadow: Alaskan Malamute (ongoing)

petition to have Shadow released:

How you can help Shadow:



SHADOW HAS BEEN RELEASED AND IS BACK WITH HIS FAMILY!!  That is more than just good news!!  Also have news of another in the U.S.A. that has been released from custody, and on his way to his forever home!!  THIS is progress!!

We can ALL do our part in showing our support!!  Do anything is better than doing nothing!  Please sign the petition and spread the word if nothing else.  Support and strength in numbers!!

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