Something Has to Give

Today we saw the sentencing trial of Robert Fawcett of the Whistler sled dog massacre.  What a dispicable display of so-called courtroom justice.  What does one say to such a deplorable display?  The Crown has put forth a sentence of  three years probation, no jail time, $5000.00 fine and a lifetime ban of owning animals.  WTF??  Did he not pay attention to the trial?  Did he not read the transcripts?  They were not his dogs!  A lifetime ban is absolutely ridiculous!

The slaughter…massacre is a good word for it since from the description of the scene of events, it was not dealt with humanely in any regard…of 56 healthy animals gets only 3 years probation, no jail time, and a measly $5,000.00 fine???

When he can get a maximum of five years in prison and up to $75,000.00 in fines for the nine dogs he did admit to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to.  With that information….why is the Crown putting forth such a lousy sentence?  What gives?

Animal Cruelty laws have got to change in this country!!  We have people massacring dozens of dogs and they could possibly only face a slap on the wrist, yet we are pulling non-threatening, non-dangerous dogs out of family homes and keeping them isolated and in prison for months at a time because of how they look?  How warped is that?  WTH is wrong with our society, government?  WTH is wrong with ALL of us?  Why are we not ALL standing up as a united front and screaming, demanding this change…and now as we won’t stand for it anymore?  The government is supposed to work for us, not us work for the government.  It’s about damn time we took that power back.  Standing united, we can make this change.

Let’s not start boycotting all sled dog operations all because of one company or one man!  Let’s be the intelligent beings we keep saying we are.  You don’t destroy the forest for the sake of ridding it on one blight.  Let’s stop with the all or nothing attitude and think outside the box.  Boycott Outdoor Adventures if you must, but don’t spread hate.  Protect what we love, the animals.  These animals love what they do…recognize that and rejoice in that.  What needs changing is how they are then retired and rehomed.  Stop looking at the whole as a bad thing.  Negativity only breeds negativity.  If you want to change something for the better, than change the way you approach the problem.  We, as in dog lovers, are a massive percentage of the population…by sheer numbers alone, we could demand change.  Why are we not standing united?

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