Idiotic Sentence Due to Killer Feeling Bad For What He Did

Quite frankly, that is the biggest pile of bullshit I have heard in a long time.  IF he was a compassionate soul, he would NEVER have done what he did.  Everything else is bullshit and maybe guilt wrapped in there.  But to get 3 years probation, $1500.00 fine, and not be allowed to have anything to do with sled dogs or decision making in redards to euthansia….excuse my language but what the fuck??

Not only did those dogs die a horrendous death, but their deaths have not even prevented this from happening again.  Nor has it set a precedent for trials to come.  What it has done is told the world that the justice system only works for some of our family members, but not those with four legs as they don’t count for shit.


To say I am furious and absolutely ashamed to be a Canadian is putting it mildly.  Dispicable!!



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