People, Please!! Wake up!!

I really don’t understand what more we all need to see, hear and read before we wake up to the truth.  The facts are all but smacking us in the face, over and over again.  There are groups rallying to stop the illnesses and deaths but yet people are still continuing to support these companies.  Are they thinking it is a scam?  Maybe that it couldn’t happen to them? That it is only cheap dog food or treats?  I have news for you.  It is all yet none of the above.

The factories in China are miles long.  Nothing is segregated inside those factories, hence the contamination of our baby formula etc.  There are no standards.  Why do you think it is so cheap for companies to send their goods there?  I’ll tell you why.  Because every company that does business in China has no regard for its consumer.  They willingly dropped their standards and quality to save a few dollars.  I hope it was worth all the jobs and lives lost for those few dollars.

This lack of standards shows in our dog food.  Once again, I am stating that any food, pet or otherwise, that states “Made in China” or “Imported for…..” should be left on the shelf!!  Your health and that of your beloved pet is NOT worth the health risk.  If economics is a factor, there are alternatives.  Wal-Mart carries a Canadian made, gluten free dog food that runs about $38 for a 40 lb bag.  It is quite a good food.  Again, there are alternatives to taking the risk.





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