Ontario Anti-BSL Peaceful Protest

To be held at Downtown Toronto, the exact location is not yet confirmed, but the date is set for Saturday, July 13, 2013. I am sharing their Facebook Event link, please come and join us.


It is fairly common knowledge that Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) does not work. The proof is in the pudding for any and all areas that have implemented this asinine example of our governments, local and provincial, at their best.

A couple of U.S. states have not only over turned their BSL policies, but have made it so that decisions based on breed alone is not allowed. Case by case, regardless of whether it involves a Yorkshire terrier or a Malinois. Kudos to them!! 🙂
About time some politicians removed their heads from their asses and stood up against stupidity. We need more folks to stand up and say enough!! Dog owners far exceed non-dog owners but yet, as the majority, we aren’t getting our point across and are having our lives dictated by those that simply don’t care, nor understand.
Let’s show all dog owners that we support each other, regardless of the breeds or mixes we may have.

I will be there and hope to see a massive turn out. 🙂

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