One Person CAN Change the World…

….for at least one dog. Your dog. Your future dog and maybe even someone else’s dog. You know how?


When you decide to pick up that gorgeous, irresistible, furry bundle of fur, remember that it is a long term commitment. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

YOU are the center of your dogs life. His life revolves within the four walls in which you live. Your world is so more than that. You are his source of food, exercise and happiness. Your dog is a huge responsibility.

That responsibility also includes to society.

This is two-fold, of course. As the owner, a part of your overall responsibilities is to ensure your dog is well socialized, and not just as a pup or young dog. With socialization is also manners and general obedience. We all dislike those owners that let their dogs off leash so they can run amok. Funny how screaming their names never seems to work on bringing them back and making them listen, isn’t it?

So yes, training is a significant part of the overall responsibilities that are required as an owner. With training comes reliability. Now please keep in mind that reliability is not perfection. They are animals first and our pets second.

So now that you have a socialized and well mannered canine family member that is welcome everywhere you go. Whether you recognize it or not, you have become a fantastic ambassador for all dogs, not just your breed.

With every ambassador comes good news. First, your dog stands a much lower chance of ever being at the mercy of a shelter or rescue facility. Second, you both inspire the same in other owners to create more canine ambassadors. Third, the dog world can do with all the positivity it can get, both locally and internationally.

With every ambassador in the canine world, we stand united against idiotic laws such as BSL.



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