Fireworks and Dogs Don’t Mix

The coming weekend happens to be a long one for us Canadians. Queen Victoria’s birthday. Our fabulous May 24 weekend.

Everyone heading for the cottage for the first time after a long winter. And of course, family fun with fireworks.

Now I am a huge advocate for taking your well mannered canine family member everywhere he would be welcome. However, to watch fireworks is NOT the place to take him.

Even if you have a dog that is very laid back and reacts to little, to have them endure the unpredictability of a fireworks show is bordering on cruelty. You also stand a high chance of your pup running off in fear.

The risk of a possible fear bite or your fur baby running off in fear is not worth your joy at having him with you for a couple of hours. Not to mention the anxiety and possible long term affects it may have.

Do everyone a favour and be that same responsible owner that had your pup socialized and trained, and leave your four legged family member peacefully at home.

Have a great long weekend. 🙂


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