Today was his memorial. The service was fabulous. And it was fitting that it was snowing. My Grandad “hated” snow so we’d always call him and joyously give him a weather report.

We miss you.

The above was written just after we left the chapel for the service. It wasn’t snowing when we went in and didn’t stick around very long but it was lovely to see.

As kids, and adults if the truth be known, we’d call up Grandad the moment it started snowing and give him a weather update. Us kids loved to tell him the “good” news and he just loved being the winter scrooge. Of course this fueled our desire to tell him again the next time.

So yes, it was fitting that it was snowing yesterday. Whether that was the gods way of telling us that he was at peace, I have no idea. I’d like to think so.

My grandfather was not a religious man in any sense of the word. He’d never attend Sunday service with my grandmother on the odd time she’d go. He did attend Christmas Eve service but I think it was more because he liked the Christmas carols personally.

I must say I was extremely disappointed that my cousin opted to make this a very religious service. It was clearly more for her than a service that portrayed who he was and what he stood for. Plus I hear she’s doing a full catholic memorial at her church for him too. I say nothing because what’s the point?

I am also aware that his loss is still raw for all of us and we all cope in our own way. Being Pagan, I find making it religious when he wasn’t, ruffles my feathers. I can’t say I’ve ever heard him speak out loud of his religious beliefs if he ever had them. When he found out that I was following Pagan paths, he didn’t offer an opinion but did ask questions about it. It was a quiet acceptance.

But this isn’t about religion, mainstream or otherwise. This is about a man who was highly intelligent, had common sense in spades and kept his opinions to himself. I’d say those separate qualities are rare in this day and age, let alone all three in the same person.

I personally think I still have much to learn from him. I’m hoping I can live my life as he did his, to the beat of his own drum, and to be as equally successful in life. Rich in family and friends.

Grandad on his 90th birthday

My Grandad on his 90th birthday.

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