Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy

This has been a game changer for me. I became hypothyroid 23 years ago with the birth of my daughter. I’ve been taking Levothyroxine ever since and for the most part felt ok. Still had symptoms but things weren’t too bad up until a few years ago. 

Seemed all my symptoms came rushing back plus new ones that made me feel worse. After lots of research and finding some fabulous pages (blogs) on Facebook, I found out why I felt so bad. For a year or so I’ve been going through pre-menopause so didn’t think anything of missing a period. LOL Jokes on me cause who would have thought at 42, a mere 23 years after my first child, I’d be having another. Yep. Sweet Jesus, I’m pregnant at 42. Struggling to get my thyroid issues under control for myself, plus my weight etc and surprise!  A bundle of joy on the way. 

Now I have the added pressure of ensuring my thyroid levels are optimum as they can have a significant bearing on the health of this child.  He/she may even be born hypo or hyperthyroid if my levels are not optimal. Not something I want this child to start out life with. 

By now I’m freaking out. Do I go ahead and switch to NDT anyway?  My emotions are all over the place. How will I know if I feel right?  Can’t rely on TSH levels and my family doctor simply doesn’t know enough. Endocrinologist time?  I do believe so. 

Thanks to several ladies that shared their stories with me, they’ve shown the wisdom of moving forward to NDT for the health of the baby as well as for me. 

Making a call to my GP about referral to a specialist. It’s more than just my future at stake.