Myths and Fables about “Cures”

I’m all for using natural ingredients to compliment modern medicine.  I also realize that sometimes modern medicine is the way to go (as per vaccines) and I like to keep an open mind about all viable possibilites to help with certain issues.

My argument though is when sites claim that they can cure thyroid disease with herbs and vitamins etc.  They, and those that buy into it, clearly do not understand whay thyroid disease is.  No amount of vitamins or herbs will correct your body not working optimally.  The TSH measures the hormone the pituitary gland sends to the thyroid to tell it to either make more or less thyroid hormone.  It is only then that the thyroid makes or slows down production of the blessed hormones for the body to function properly.

I can take all the vitamins and herbs that they recommend, however, there is nothing out there that will kickstart or slow down (hypo vs hyper) production of this all important hormone.  Especially when it is not “just” the thyroid that may be in question.  The adrenals may not be working correctly either, which will have a huge impact on your thyroid, as well as the productivity of the medication being taken.  That includes NDT (natural dessicated thyroid) as well as synthetic replacement.

Thyroid disease is so much more than just thyroid disease.  It covers so much.  Basically it covers the body from head to toe from the inside out.  Knowing this, how can taking some herbal supplements make a big difference.  Quite frankly, they can’t.

Eating and being healthy certainly helps, and that can include herbal and vitamin supplements.  Those supplements by no means equal a cure.  Shame on those that advertise otherwise.



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