A Little About Me

Sounds simple..you know…to write something about yourself. But how do you sum up who you are in just a few sentences or small paragraphs? I have forty years worth of life experience and that is hard to just jot down in as few words as possible. HA!! Good thing this is my blog and I can write as little or as much as I want, however often I want. 🙂

So without further adieu: Hi! My name is Sandy Monk and now we will travel back in time and then zoom back to the present in warp speed. I am sure you will all be pleased we won’t dabble too long in my past. I was born in England and my family moved us here when we were still very young. I realized I had an obsession with dogs fairly early on as I was, like all children, pulled towards them when I saw one on the street, or heaven forbid, a pet store. My first dog was a beautiful yellow Lab called Laddie. Someone had spent a lot of time with him as he was very well trained and even carried his cans of dog food home himself. Lol! The only issue we ever had was when he could smell a bitch in heat. I remember my dad working in the backyard one day. He must have noticed a difference in Laddie’s behaviour as he looked up just as Laddie’s nose hit the air. Laddie looked right at my dad and took off running for the back fence. They were neck and neck but Laddie had the ability to fly! He leapt the six foot fence without any issues and was gone. Thank goodness for his tags. We got a phone call the next day saying that we had a lovely friendly dog, but could you come get him as he is parked outside on their front porch. Back in those days you didn’t spay and neuter (ironically there was never the issues with over run shelters back then either). Our next pup was a Beagle. Benji was a canine Garfield. That dog would do anything for spaghetti or lasagna. He was a wonderful tri coloured boy with attitude. We also learnt the hard way that hounds as not like most dogs when it comes to meaty bones. Their pack instinct comes out and the happy go lucky attitude is looooong gone! No more bones for you! Unfortunately, he only lived a very short time of 5 years. Yes, we had fallen prey to those sad brown eyes from a pet store.
My grandfather had GSD’s and we always played with them when we visited. I remember Buster was a big old long coated GSD with the gentlest disposition ever. That poor dog was used by us grandkids as a pony due to his size. He didn’t care, he let us climb on him and ride him around the yard. Knowing what I know now, that dog was a keeper and very special. We loved him to pieces and all of us were quite upset when he passed. I won’t go through every dog or pet I have had…we will speed up just a little for you. 😉

I met my first Alaskan Malamute while still very young and just fell in love!! That fateful day sparked a passionate affair and hours and hours of research. And far too many books to be mentioned! Once I had access to the internet, I was then able to research different breeders and the breed standard of course. As the years have passed, my love for the Malamute has remained and I am now looking forward to (hopefully) having my first show pup in the spring/summer of 2013.
My other love is for the Doberman. Such a difference between the two but yet they share a very similar and turbulent past. My first meeting with a Doberman was probably not the best way of meeting one, but it certainly left a lasting impression. Friends of my parents had two and we were warned on the way there not to touch their ears. So my sister and I sat on their couch all night without making a sound or without moving a muscle. Why? Because their two dobes sat in front of us all night and just stared. When you are only 7 and 8 years old….a large doberman staring you right in the eye can be very intimidating. Hahhahahaa!! A Doberman staring at you can be intimidating to an adult, let alone a child. So from that moment on, I was determined to find out more about this gorgeous and elegant breed.

Although these two breeds are close to my heart, I love all animals and all breeds of dog. I currently own a handsome Rotti/GSD:Malamute mix and a crazy border collie/GSD mix as well as a beautiful doberman pup. The pup is learning from the Rotti mix and he is grooming her to be leader of the pack (amongst the dogs themselves not the household).

I am a professional dog trainer (shocker I know….more dog related info) and a CGN Evaluator. I currently own and am Head Trainer at Shadowlands Canine Training, craftswoman of Doberman Butler Tables at Canine Creations and I am also writing a series of children’s books about the life stages of dogs called Dog Tales.

I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter who is looking to join the O.P.P. this or next year. To say I am proud of her is a serious understatement. And last but certainly not least, my rock, my foundation in life, my best friend and partner. Without his support over the last couple of years, I’m not sure where I’d be. It still astounds me that he has not only stuck through the crazy moments, but has understood the craziness that is going on in my head. yes, this man in a keeper. 🙂

So anyway, that is me in a nutshell. I am a crazy, dog obsessed woman fighting to get her physical and mental health back we we’ll have less of the crazy part. Lol!

Nice to meet you all!! 🙂




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