Cesar Milan: Friend or Foe?

I’ve been a trainer for over fifteen years. In that fifteen years, I’ve read countless training books on all conceivable methods. Some just downright evil in their methods.  Today some of those methods are still used by some but thankfully they are few and far between. 

Training has evolved over the years, as has our understanding of canine behaviour. That evolution has caused the evolution of training methods. It’s only natural for that to happen.  The more we understand the better we can communicate with our dogs. Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?

Training has become friendly, fun, informative and bonding moments in time. It’s amazing when handler and dog have those “ah hah!” moments when everything just clicks. 

No intimidation. No alpha rolls. No set up for supreme failure.  And more importantly, no fear. 

So, let’s get right down to it. Cesar Milan. I think most of us have heard about, if not already watched the video that has his ass in such hot water. Personally I think it’s a few years late, but that’s just me. 

Now I’ve heard people rant about him being an excellent trainer and blah, blah, blah. So let’s set the record straight here. 

This is a man that has no formal behaviourist training as per his own admission. This is a man that is not a trainer by his own admission. This is a man whose formal training is as a groomer, again by his own admission. 

This is also a man who CHOSE to set up this dog to fail in an astronomical manner. This man CHOSE to ignore all the positive behaviour he was getting from the dog (ignoring, walking away from the pigs etc) and had an assistant grab a pigs leg to make it squeal. That squeal of pain set off the predatory instinct in this dog. The assistant HELD the pig in place so the dog could bite it and then Cesar, in his infinite wisdom, chased the dog all over the place to alpha roll a dog that had already shown submissive behaviour. THIS is NOT the actions of someone who knows a damn thing about training or behaviour modification. THIS is the behaviour of a man that needs ratings. Period. 

This man is dangerous and people need to realize his methods are ancient and long since been debunked.

But my opinion aside, let’s walk through this video, shall we?

Cesar and said pig killer enter the enclosure on a leash. The dog offers loads of excellent behaviour and all non-reactive. Most trainers would be throwing all sort of rewards and reinforcement of every kind at the dog at this point. The dog is OFFERING this behaviour on his own. A trainer worth his weight would be excited to see this and do everything they could to see he repeats it. 

What does Cesar do?  He ignores it. Not only does he ignore it, he takes the dog off leash. What I like is the dog OFFERED the exact same behaviour: ignoring, walking away, sniffing and investigating this new environment. 

This however makes for a very boring show. Now if this was me, I’d reward the good behaviour which he is already showing and continue on with this road of success and I’d call it a day and hopefully the next client will make as a better story on tv. Why?  Because the main purpose is supposed to be correcting the dogs behaviour. With what the dog was offering, it would have taken time but honestly wouldn’t have been that difficult using positive reinforcement. But it’s not ratings worthy though now is it?

But I digress, so dog continues to ignore the pigs (which is ultimate goal). To the side one of the assistants is holding one of the pigs and grabs it’s leg, making it squeal in pain. That squeal set off the predatory instinct in the dog and he went right for it. The pig didn’t stand a chance as the assistant was still HOLDING the pig. No surprise, the dog bites the pig. NOW Cesar has what he wants: drama. So he chases after the pig all over the enclosure and when the dog finally stops, he drops into a submissive stance to which Cesar responds by alpha rolling him. 

Watch the video here:  

Please turn down your sound, the audio is not the best. 

Cesar set up the dog to fail in astronomical proportions. This whole scenario was a set up to make for better tv. The welfare of any of the animals was not once considered. 

It’s time he is stopped before one of our pets is killed by this mans’ choices for sensationalism to keep his ratings up. 


Myths and Fables about “Cures”

I’m all for using natural ingredients to compliment modern medicine.  I also realize that sometimes modern medicine is the way to go (as per vaccines) and I like to keep an open mind about all viable possibilites to help with certain issues.

My argument though is when sites claim that they can cure thyroid disease with herbs and vitamins etc.  They, and those that buy into it, clearly do not understand whay thyroid disease is.  No amount of vitamins or herbs will correct your body not working optimally.  The TSH measures the hormone the pituitary gland sends to the thyroid to tell it to either make more or less thyroid hormone.  It is only then that the thyroid makes or slows down production of the blessed hormones for the body to function properly.

I can take all the vitamins and herbs that they recommend, however, there is nothing out there that will kickstart or slow down (hypo vs hyper) production of this all important hormone.  Especially when it is not “just” the thyroid that may be in question.  The adrenals may not be working correctly either, which will have a huge impact on your thyroid, as well as the productivity of the medication being taken.  That includes NDT (natural dessicated thyroid) as well as synthetic replacement.

Thyroid disease is so much more than just thyroid disease.  It covers so much.  Basically it covers the body from head to toe from the inside out.  Knowing this, how can taking some herbal supplements make a big difference.  Quite frankly, they can’t.

Eating and being healthy certainly helps, and that can include herbal and vitamin supplements.  Those supplements by no means equal a cure.  Shame on those that advertise otherwise.



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Pregnant Over 40

You know, our society has a greater amount of women having children over 40.  On purpose.  I have to say that I find that completely nuts.  Wait, wait! Hold up!  I’m not being judgemental, I’m being bloody honest.

I’m 42 and 15 weeks pregnant.

ONLY 15 weeks.  The first 13 were awful.  My boobs were so sore and sensitive that crossing my own arms became impossible let alone sleeping on them.  Forget that!  I’d weep just thinking about it.  Please keep in mind that I’m only just entering my second trimester and I’ve already gone up TWO cup sizes.  Dear lord, help me!  Then there was the constant nausea and occasional bouts of “kill me now” vomiting sessions.  All the time.  Forget this morning sickness shit.  It was 24/7 sickness.  I’d crave something, eat it and then that same thing would make me sick as a dog.  Evil, evil little parasite.

I wouldn’t change a damn thing.  Except maybe the age I am doing this.  Again.

My first child, a brilliant, caring, gorgeous daughter, was also a little surprise bundle of joy when I was just 20 years old.  The apple of my eye.  The one thing I did right in life.  My one and only child…or so I’ve thought for 23 years.  Yep.  There are 23 years between my two children.

I’ve done the pregnancy both ends of the spectrum.  Neither were planned.  Neither are regretted.



January 31, 2016:  this blog had not been published at the time due to my simply forgetting to finish it.  Things have changed since this was written.  At 19 weeks I had no choice but to terminate my pregnancy due to serious health issues.  Let me just say it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  One that a part of me will always be very upset about.  I cried throughout the procedure as well as afterwards and on some level will always regret things not progressing as they should.  Yes, I know things worked out for “the best” but it still sucks big fat sweaty monkey balls.

On a side note, I am pro-choice and always will be.  But I have to say that the whole procedure was something that I’d never want to go through but once.  It wasn’t pleasant and affected me quite deeply.  I’m glad of course, of being able to have a choice, but it still wasn’t easy physically nor mentally.


Our little boy whom we named Colton George William.  Never really made it here, but will never be forgotten.




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Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy

This has been a game changer for me. I became hypothyroid 23 years ago with the birth of my daughter. I’ve been taking Levothyroxine ever since and for the most part felt ok. Still had symptoms but things weren’t too bad up until a few years ago. 

Seemed all my symptoms came rushing back plus new ones that made me feel worse. After lots of research and finding some fabulous pages (blogs) on Facebook, I found out why I felt so bad. For a year or so I’ve been going through pre-menopause so didn’t think anything of missing a period. LOL Jokes on me cause who would have thought at 42, a mere 23 years after my first child, I’d be having another. Yep. Sweet Jesus, I’m pregnant at 42. Struggling to get my thyroid issues under control for myself, plus my weight etc and surprise!  A bundle of joy on the way. 

Now I have the added pressure of ensuring my thyroid levels are optimum as they can have a significant bearing on the health of this child.  He/she may even be born hypo or hyperthyroid if my levels are not optimal. Not something I want this child to start out life with. 

By now I’m freaking out. Do I go ahead and switch to NDT anyway?  My emotions are all over the place. How will I know if I feel right?  Can’t rely on TSH levels and my family doctor simply doesn’t know enough. Endocrinologist time?  I do believe so. 

Thanks to several ladies that shared their stories with me, they’ve shown the wisdom of moving forward to NDT for the health of the baby as well as for me. 

Making a call to my GP about referral to a specialist. It’s more than just my future at stake. 


Today I was finally able to take time off of work to make my long awaited appointment with my doctor.  I was totally stoked.  My family doc has always been open minded and intelligent when it has come to various treatments in the past.  He has often spouted about naturopathy being a good alternative in certain cases.  I’ve often felt in all cases but I recognize it can be hard to pull away from the pharmaceutical gods when your livelihood relies on it.

Now I’m a fairly intelligent woman.  I’ve not just taken one source and run with it as true gospel.  I’ve actually gone to various sources, listened to various experts opinions from all over the world.  I’ve noted where they believe the shortcomings are in regards to testing and the tests they recommend to fill those glaring holes.  I’ve read. I’ve listened.  I’ve understood.  What they’ve said has made sense.

Especially as I am still living with the same symptoms as I had some twenty years ago when I was first diagnosed.

Clue #1 that something ain’t right folks.

Clue #2 would be that I now have NEW symptoms that are or rather, can be, all directly related to being hypothyroid.  By that, I mean I know I’ll always have thyroid disease, but by rights, if I was being treated properly, I should no longer be hypothyroid.  By no longer being hypothyroid, all my symptoms should be gone.  They are not.

I had my list of 10 tests all written down.  I was actually quite excited about finally taking that step forward to getting things fixed once and for all.  I was early, going through the information I knew, preempting some questions he might have as to why I wanted to change over to NDT.  I like being prepared, especially when dealing with someone who I assume is somewhat knowledgeable in the topic.

Finally my name was called and off I went to the exam room.  I have my list in hand (list? aghast!) and armed with the knowledge I’ve gained and convinced my doctor will speak with me in an intelligent manner as he has always done in the past.

Alas, it seems not to be.  Not only did I hear about how NDT is unreliable, but not as affective as synthetic thyroid hormone.  I informed him that because of my 20+ years on levothyroxine sodium, I had developed “Air Hunger” and have never stopped being hypothyroid.  I didn’t realize by rights I shouldn’t be hypothyroid anymore.  He actually laughed and said that I’ll always be hypothyroid.  I said if I stayed on levothyroxine, he’s quite right about that.  But here’s the crux of that comment.  I will always have thyroid disease.  With proper therapy, I should no longer be hypothyroid.  To be hypothyroid means that I still have symptoms (even a small handful).  To have no symptoms (hyper nor hypo) means I have thyroid disease…WITH NO SYMPTOMS!!  The key words.

I’ll be honest, he did look a little startled at my definition of the difference.  He surprisingly agreed with me and then started asking about what the individual tests were for.  He said he’d never heard of anyone testing Free T3 or T4’s before.  He had no idea why I was wanting Ferritin tested, nor a 24 hour saliva cortisol test.

So I gave him a little bit of medical information strictly in regards to the thyroid.

TSH as we all know tests the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone that the PITUITARY gland secretes when it detects that the thyroid is either not producing enough, or too much.  What the TSH does NOT test is the actual thyroid hormones at all.

Ferritin is for the hair.  Or because of hair loss rather.  And for those of us who are tired of cleaning out the gobs of hair from the shower drain, you’ll know how desperately I want that tested.  And of course the 24 hour saliva cortisol test to help ensure the start of NDT is off to a good start.

He has been kind enough to schedule the testing my little flight of fancy has produced and we’ll see if it is worth it when the results come back.  Condescending little bastard at times.

Although,  he did say at the end of the appointment that he thinks going to see an Endocrinologist may be a good idea, instead of me doing all of this by myself.  Could have knocked me over considering he’s always told me it’s not needed.  Guess he’s maybe realized he doesn’t know all he needs to know about thyroid disease, huh?

January 2015 Journal

I’ve decided to keep a journal of sorts. Not a rendition of my day but more a record of my ups and downs and aches and pains. Not a lot of fun for you all I’m sure but I’ll be updating each month with as many days as I remember to do. Some just won’t qualify an entry as it’ll just be a regular day.

Today is January 18, 2015 and it’s actually day two of being down and slightly depressed. Insomnia has kicked in due to the constant pain in the right elbow which has been unbearable of late. Some days it’s not so bad but last couple the pain has radiated up to my shoulder and down to my fingers. I can’t lie on my right side as the pressure makes it worse. I can’t lie of my left side cause my elbow screams unless crooked a certain way. Laying on my back or front are my only choices and I hate sleeping in those two positions. Life can be cruel at times I’ve noticed.
So no sleep which obviously makes me tired which automatically makes me cold, cold makes my arm hurt more and the cycle continues. Just shoot me. 😛
The depression I’ve noticed seems to hit harder this time of year which I think has much to do with the fact that we should up our thyroid meds during the winter to compensate for the cold weather (new fact I was not aware of until recently) and a lack of sun. This winter has been cold and grey. I miss the sunny winter days. I want those back.
I’ve noticed today that I am getting an ache in my left knee. I’m hoping it’s just because of the damp cold that has settled in lately.
Damn, I cannot wait to get my meds sorted out. I want my energy back so I can get stuff done, shed some weight and help rid myself of some of these aches and pains.
Oh, and spring, pleeeaaaasse get here soon. 🙂

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Tired doesn’t really begin to cover it

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to not be tired. And who knew there could be so many levels of tired!
There’s the pulled an all nighter tired. Partied all night tired (and hung over). There’s the new mum tired (which lasts from pregnancy to late teens, early twenties lol).
Then there is hypothyroid tired. This tired I had never experienced before my early twenties. This tired seeps right into your bones. It saps every ounce of energy, motivation and lust for life you’ve ever had right out of you.
You are so tired, you actually don’t care that you have to get up and go to work, or you’ve agreed to go out but you’ve now changed your mind as you simply don’t have the energy to be around people. The effort in getting ready to go out when every cell in your body is telling you not to, is astounding. I’m not sure I could honestly describe it to anyone that hasn’t had the displeasure of experiencing it.
For me, the tired began when I became pregnant. As to exactly at what point normal pregnancy tired grew into hypothyroid tired, I’m not really sure. They seem to have merged and become one as one lead to the other. So I had the first trimester tired which is pretty normal. You find yourself falling asleep earlier in the evening, or for an involuntary nap. It happens quite often during those three months and is all very normal. The second trimester I found my energy came back and it was relatively normal. The third trimester, everything is off. I found this was when my emotions really started to scatter, however this was also the time where sleep wasn’t coming as easy as it did previous months. Finding a position that was comfortable became increasingly difficult as the term neared its completion. Combine lack of sleep, being poked and prodded from the inside out by the baby (and damn doctors), having to pee all the time (and only a drop or two despite it feeling like you’re going to pee like a race horse) and other general malaise that accompanies the wonders of creating a child.
The baby arrived and I had the usual tired that you would expect from sleeping with one ear and eye open in case she should make any sound or movement during the night. Plus we must not forget the broken sleep because of the nighttime feedings. Now I was lucky in the fact that she started sleeping through the night fairly young and you heard no complaints from me let me tell you. I still wasn’t sleeping properly and although constantly tired, I didn’t think much of it. It was expected so not unusual in the least. My mood swings were still around and were not showing signs of improving any and even I found that highly annoying.
It was a few years ago now, but I believe my daughter was nearing her second birthday when I developed heart palpitations. They weren’t all the time at first but they quickly became a part of my every day life. My heart is not something I really want to chance messing around with, especially now with a young toddler.
So off I went to my family doctor. He ordered an echocardiogram (ECG) and various blood tests. I honestly have no idea what tests he ordered as he said he was simply covering all the bases. He did speak of my possibly having a prolapsed valve but he was quick to assure me that my life wouldn’t really change if that were to end up being the outcome. Freaked me out a little but figured I’d wait to find out the results before truly worrying.
Tests came back and my heart was normal (many would beg to differ but hey, who am I to argue with medical facts 😛 ). The test for diabetes was negative, my blood sugar levels were well within the norm. Hmmmm it seems my thyroid was the culprit and was completely out of whack. He proceeded to tell me that I’d have to be on pills for the rest of my life and that I’d need to come in for regular blood tests to monitor my levels. For the first year, he wanted to see me every three months so that we could adjust my levels accordingly.
And so started my journey. But it hasn’t ended there. In fact, it has only truly begun. The above is ALL the information he told me about my condition. That was it. He said the Synthroid would help me feel better. He never said feeling better means all my symptoms go away. I took feeling better to be exactly that, I would feel better than I have in quite some time but may not be back to where I was before I was hypothyroid.
Here’s the bitter truth. Although I felt better, I never truly lost any of my symptoms. My heart palpitations would come back if my levels were off, I was always tired but not to the point where I could happily stay in bed and watch the world go by like I was before. My moodiness was really the only thing that went and stayed gone.

Until about 4 years ago. They all came back plus some. I was ending a bad marriage and to say the break up was rough is an extreme understatement. During that time, there was the house renovation and I lost my job (I was the main breadwinner in the house). Stress was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I felt like I was being pushed and kept at the edge of the cliff and just one more thing added to my plate would be enough to send me over into that deep black abyss.
Yes, with the over the top emotions and the bone deep tiredness came depression…all on top of the stress I was already experiencing. I thought I was losing my mind some days. I didn’t know which way to turn as I was being pulled everywhere. I was the one people came to for help, direction, or just to listen to their problems. I didn’t have anyone to do the same. Trudging on and pushing through it was my only option. Oh, did I mention looking for employment in a dying city wasn’t the most joyful experience either. That really helped with the depression of course.
I was gaining weight hand over fist. I wasn’t making the best choices food wise at that point as I was passed the point of actually caring. Unfortunately, my separation from my husband grew darker and more turbulent which added to my depression and stress. I also started having bouts of insomnia. Those bouts have turned into a regular thing where I have to be absolutely bone dead exhausted to actually sleep. Other than that, every night I fight to sleep and I always wake up somewhere between 3-4 o’clock in the morning. I fight again to get back to sleep and usually do…right before my alarm goes off.
I’m still fighting the weight, roller coaster ride of emotions, black abyss of depression etc., but I have gained some life altering insight: it’s all fixable.

Thanks to a couple of Facebook pages, it gave me enough hope to start digging and doing my own research to find out that many, if not all, of the symptoms or issues I am experiencing is due to my thyroid and/or wrong dosage/medication. I have an appointment next week and I’m armed with the tests I want done and why and also that I want my meds to be changed to NDT. I’m done with Synthroid. I’m done dealing with “Air Hunger” because of my medication. I’m done having to put up with my symptoms every day for the rest of my life. I’m done with being short changed by my family doctor.

I’m starting my journey forward to a better life and more importantly, a better, healthier me.


I have 40 of these symptoms.

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